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    Biodiesel is a way for Americans to take control of how they spend their money on fuel, keeping it in their local economy

Alternative Fuels are the next step in a grassroots evolution in lifestyle. Using sustainable energy is as revolutionary as the internet has been to communication.

 A Growing Community of biodiesel brewers and sustainable energy enthusiasts are right outside your door

Power your Car, Truck, Tractor, Generator or any other Diesel Equipment safely and efficiently with a natural alternative to traditional diesel fuel.

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Biodiesel Logic is your # 1 source for Biodiesel equipment, systems, supplies and information

Biodiesel Logic is based on the vision that small to medium scale Biodiesel processing is not only logical but can be profitable. Also that small to medium scale processing equipment can be improved by applying industrial engineering criteria that has not been normally available to the small biodiesel production.  Our Biodiesel processing equipment if properly used will give the user, consistent quality with a high conversion rate at an affordable price.  Simultaneously we are developing ancillary equipment for use in small to medium scale biodiesel production, such as biodiesel filter systems, W.V.O. dewatering systems, methanol recovery units, biodiesel wash-tank systems, biodiesel settling and storage tanks, inline heaters, and clarifiers. 

Some of the uses for our biodiesel equipment are urban recycling of W.V.O.  Farmers and farmer coops wishing to process their own crops into fuel for in-house use, or for sale.  Diesel owners making biodiesel from a variety of feedstock’s for their own use.  Entrepreneurs who are making use of opportunity feed stocks and offer biodiesel for sale.  Universities and technical schools.  V.O. and Yellow Grease intensive industries turning their scrap into fuel.  Diesel truck and fishing fleet/marine operators who are looking for a better fuel at a lower cost.

Regular diesel is a petroleum based product made from the world's dwindling supply of crude oil.  Biodiesel is made from a renewable resource, i.e., vegetable oil, and that oil can even be waste oil from restaurants.  "From the fryer to the fuel tank" is a reality.  Most restaurants pay to have their used cooking oil hauled away and thus, many will give it to you for free.  For between 60 and 90 cents a gallon, you can turn this waste oil into biodiesel which will happily run in all diesel engines and some diesel furnaces. 

No engine modifications are needed and biodiesel can be used straight or mixed in any ratio with petroleum diesel.  Engines actually run better and last longer with biodiesel.  Not only that,  Biodiesel burns cleaner in your engine, which helps to reduce air pollution, and you will not notice any difference in performance.  Studies show that biodiesel improves engine performance!


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